Characteristics and advantages of the use of 3D systems.


Nowadays, digital orthodontics is an inexorable and concrete reality that has achieved many improvements with different products arriving at the market during the last years. These products deserve merit in specific cases of minor and moderate dental malocclusion, where the professional is set aside in a second or third place, almost out of the treatment of his patient, delegating all control of the treatment to the commercial company that will make the job. This company would not only take care of the scanning, designing and printing of the models, but also the planning of the steps to follow for making a complete correction of the dental malocclusion of your patient.
Until now, the only task that the professionals had was to take good and correct impressions of the patient’s mouth and wished to supervise the case through a video or low quality digital pictures given by the company to see what the result of the patient’s mouth would be. Even though, this was done in order to make the professional feel part of the treatment, the real fact, was that the odontology has to be responsible for the work of another person, in general, a technician, luckily a professional. The most suitable phrase for this situations would be ”partners in good times and only responsible during bad times”.
 Unfortunately, there has not been any offer for this products and services until this moment. The orthodontist is constantly obliged to choose between what is best for the patient and the economics needed for the treatment.

How many times have you seen a case of clinical relapse that could be solve with only two aligners but as you didn’t feel comfortable with the option of delegating the decision of the treatment, you had the dilemma “if I could only make the money work” ? Or how many times had you had a consult from your patients or from another professional, about a case of clinical relapse, whose teeth could be fixed in 12 months or less, if only you could have access to the complete case and lower costs? Through years, we have seen hundreds of cases of clinical relapse which hadn´t understood that retainers are part of the treatment, and as a result, they come back with unwanted results. If only we had ordered a pair of removable aligners, just in case of an emergency until they could assist to the medical consultation.

CERIK3D eliminates these dilemmas for you by providing technology and tools that bring it all together and make you a better orthodontist. CERIK3D creates a win/win for both doctor and patient by mitigating any economic concern to the practice so you can focus on executing the best treatment option for each patient.
CERIK3D provides our doctors with just the right tool set for common situations, giving you the flexibility to master costs, control and convenience in their practices. Your practice will experience minimal cost impact while achieving maximum patient satisfaction in very short time.

  • Decide how to join together the professional and CERIK3D in order to your needs by the CERIK3D System Lab or just through your office. Complete control and freedom.
  • Scan by yourself or leave the work to CERIK3D
  • Design and create aligners, retainers, models. Produce designs through the CERIK3D System Lab or whatever Lab you choose, creating the number of designs you need for you treatment planning, thanks to the flexibility of CERIK3D.
  • Create lost or broken appliances at any time.
  • Deliver final retainers at the appointments programmed for giving the appliances.
  • Provides digital storage of the existing models while eliminating impressions.
  • Works with all orthodontics digital scanners.
  • Print all or some of your models in your Lab or in CERIK3D Lab.
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