We are a Company looking for the highest efficiency and control of the treatment, with a global vision demanded nowadays by odontology, reducing costs with the highest benefit. In CERIK3D, we group together in order to offer you the best in digital technologies. Innovating and promoting knowledges by providing constant training to health professionals.

CERIK history dates back to 1995 in Buenos Aires Argentina when two young odontologists carry out their first venture in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, riding their first dental clinic dedicated to the promotion of the health of a population with few resources and exponential growth. Studying and getting prepared in Argentina and abroad as students. Afterwards, preparing to be teachers at Buenos Aires University and at the Argentinian Circle of Odontology. One year later, they open a clinic five times larger than the first one at the downtown of Buenos Aires where they create an excellent team work for promoting education for health. Later, this team is going to create “CERIK3D” in 2010.

CERIK3D is constantly improving, achieving objectives and getting stronger day after day as professional guides, holding a training process and continuing quality improvements in all areas; Teaching and training, People subscribed to CERIK, Hardware and Software, Providers and Members, logistics, Administration and Management and, as an essential pillar of growth, the area of Cerik3D System Lab. Turning commitment, quality and service into the main advantages of Cerik.